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 Band Name Generator
Oh sure, we know how it is. You and your buddies (or buddettes) are the most talented musicians in the world, but no one will give you a chance, right? That's because your band is probably named something crappy like "Three Guys Who Play Cool Music" or "No, Really, We Don't Suck As Bad As John Tesh Does".

And therein lies the problem- you've gotta have a catchy name for your band. You may be musical geniuses (and we might be brain surgeons), but picking a good band name requires a human touch, which is why we automated the whole damn process. Our custom-written1 Band Name Generator will create a name that's just right for you, and without involving any pesky humans.

Based on a complex algorithm2, and factoring in what we know about you, your band, and your music3 we've picked a great name for you already. If you don't like the name we picked, just refresh your browser to get another band name.

Late Deafening
Deadly Big-boned
Full-time Breasted
By The Day Stony
All The Same Laid
Superbly Literary
Edgeways Converse
Tightly Ill-treated
Modishly Sicilian
Securely Aetiological
Superfluously Pyretic
All Of A Sudden Penitential
Endways Radial
Absurdly Advanced
Inappropriately Protractile
Soulfully Jealous
Humanly Delicate
Blandly Stereoscopic
Chukker-brown Frosted Bat
Well-knit Tocqueville
Stenographic Debasement
Wrongheaded Amos
The Alkenes
The Yumans
The Tussurs
The Heterocephaluss
The Meteorological Satellites
The Tropidoclonions
The Heights
The Distinctivenesss
The Cupboards
The Pickers
Name Grapnel
Barrenness Piezoelectric Crystal
Emblem Patch
Triticum Dicoccum Dicoccoides Thirties
Colour Tube Coccoidea
Epispadias Colloid
Coccygeal Dionysius The Elder
Acarpous Genus Treponema
Amphistylar Easterner
Sternutatory Compression
Punctureless Hammer Throw
Tantalising Amnios
Fernlike Boiler
San Marinese Standard Procedure
Lethargic Valency
Tropical Guy Cable
Sentient Wheeler
Slipping Everyman

And there you have it- your new band's name, a distinctive moniker that will rocket you to the top of the charts4.

(1) By someone else
(2) Actually it's random
(3) Which is absolutely nothing
(4) Assuming you have talent, a good agent, and a lead singer with big hooters.

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